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About The Corners

Connected Corners

The Corners section showcases a collection of articles that represent excerpts of extensive studies conducted across a wide array of interconnected topics

Topics range from outline of emerging tech specifications through to IIoT implementation scenarios, retail shopper experience studies, B2C value proposition models and everything in between

Currently, articles are broadly categorized under 4 key cornersConnectivity, Converging Tech, CX and Everything Else


Explore topics focusing on all things connectivity; including select ICT & Carrier strategies, B2B/C propositions, network & devices technologies, emerging industry trends and value innovation

Converging Tech

Explore topics covering myriad of converging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, robotics, etc. including industry trends, impact analyses, commercial models and use case scenarios across various B2B/B2C industries


Explore topics focusing on aspects of consumer experience (shopper, customer, subscriber) including human-2-tech interfaces, loyalty & reward programs, consumer behavior, segmentation & demographics, security, privacy and experiential service models

Everything Else

Explore topics covering key trends, industry analyses, business impacts and value added initiatives aimed at promoting growth, increasing ROI and enhancing CX, loyalty & engagement across select traditional & vertically integrated industry verticals

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Range of topics cover select interconnected industry verticals; currently R/etail & QSR, Healthcare, Insurance & Fin-tech, Mobility & Logistics and CPG/FMCG… with studies into additional verticals (Utilities, et al.) to follow soon

The key theme of these interrelated topics is to explore Insights, Possibilities and Strategies that promote growth, optimization and CX/loyalty goals for traditional industries as well as vertically integrated startups

Some examples include –

How IoT button can enhance drive thru customer experience for QSR industry

What are some of the key touch points in shopper’s retail journey and how integrating hybrid friction/less shopping experience enhances long term customer retention & engagement

How NGN, eSIM & Blockchain could become the next trifecta for wireless carriers

How smart bulbs benefit the assisted living consumer segment and value chain players of the IoT solution

〉 How innovative Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) initiatives present long-term growth & revenue opportunities for traditional food & beverage CPG/FMCG manufacturers

…and more!