Customer Service
Customer Service

Robotics & Autonomous Solutions in Customer Facing Environment

Autonomous & Robotic solutions have been making human’s lives easier since a better part of the 20th century Industrial Robotics are the mainstay of Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain & Warehousing industries who depend on their high precision, low error margins, cost effective alternative & ‘tireless’ operation relative to their …

‘Loyally Rewarded’ – View on loyalty/reward programs (Part 1)

Loyalty/Reward Programs – Why? Acquisition vs. Retention studies say… statistically speaking the cost of acquiring new customers could be anywhere in the range of 5X – 15X vs. that of retaining existing ones – According to Bain & Co., 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75% – …

We now know that product demonstrations & in-person interactions are one of the best trump cards brick & mortar Retailers have over their e-commerce first counterparts