Supply chain & logistics: Key evolving trends - Connected Corners
This topic casts a spotlight on some of the key evolving supply chain & logistics trends
Supply chain & logistics: Key evolving trends - Connected Corners

Supply chain & logistics – Spotlight on 5 evolving trends

Supply chain & logistics are amongst the most critical business functions for a wide range of industries (CPG/FMCG manufacturing, retail, healthcare, et al.) and is in a state of perpetual evolution

…owing to ever changing consumer behavior, industry transformations (e.g. eCommerce, D2C), tech advancements (IoT, blockchain, et al.) optimization models, industry partnerships and everything in between

Although at any given time there are a multitude of concurrent optimization & transformation initiatives underway; varying by location, industry vertical, business type, product categories, operational network chain and other such factors…

…the underlying goals are generally similar – i.e. reducing costs, improving operational efficiencies, becoming Eco-friendly and enhancing customer experience (CX)

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