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Smart supply chain & logistics: Quick look at 5 key enablers

Quick look at the key enablers that support the ongoing development of smart supply chain & logistics initiatives
Key enablers of smart supply chain & logistics - Connected Corners

Set of inter-related technologies are helping businesses transform their traditional supply chain & logistics function into more intelligent, traceable & transparent, always-on, anticipatory and efficient

Integrating technologies such as cyber-physical systems, connectivity protocols, predictive analytics engine, cloud & edge computing could help businesses improve their supply chain visibility, build scalable & modular supply chain platforms and develop real-time analytics, insights & recommendation capabilities amongst others

Smart supply chain & logistics ecosystem also facilitates seamless collaboration, transactions and communication between businesses in its end-2-end network; partly from the integration of interoperable tech stacks, connectivity protocols and technology roadmaps

There are a multitude of technological initiatives under 5 key enabler categories that could support the development and management of a smart supply chain & logistics function and end-2-end ecosystem

5 key enablers of smart supply chain & logistics

  • Connected technologies & IoT
  • Predictive analytics engine
  • AI & automation
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud

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