Omni-Channel retail consumer touch points - Connected Corners

6 key consumer (shopper & customer) retail touch points

The number of touch points retailers will have with consumers (shoppers & customers) will depend on several factors (business model, product range, complexity, omni-channel spread, etc.)

Taking a simplified view, consumer journey typically traverses through the following 6 key phases (analogous with the Zero, First & Second moments of truth)

  1. Product Discovery: The touch point where consumers may require pre-sale knowledge or discovery of the product, typically through online, in-store/person or word of mouth [educational]
  2. Product Demo / Trials: The touch point where shoppers seek a demonstration / sample / trial of the product prior to purchase decision [experiential]
  3. Purchase, Payment & FulfillmentThe touch point where shoppers have finalized their purchase decision and proceed to pay & collect their goods [transactional]
  4. Repeat Purchase & Refills: The touch point (if applicable) where existing customers seek to re-order / re-purchase the same product or potentially re-explore new products from different brands [transactional + educational + potentially experiential]
  5. Post-Sale Support / Customer Service: The touch point (if applicable) where customers may require post-sale support that could range from simple Q&As through to complex issues [transactional / service]
  6. Returns, Exchanges & Refunds: The touch point (if applicable) where customers may require assistance with any returns, refunds or exchanges of their product [transactional / service]

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