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Traditional retail purchase experience: Quick look at 3 key challenges

3 key challenges facing traditional retail sales proposition within the flagship, high-end and discretionary product categories
Traditional retail purchase experience: Key Challenges - Connected Corners

Exemplifying with TV purchase experience

The overall purchase experience for discretionary products such as TVsparticularly for high-end / flagship models – hasn’t quite changed much over the years… entailing –

Shoppers walking into their nearest retailer / clicking online ➜ viewing in-store demo (model comparison)selecting the right TV ➜ haggling / price matching (if applicable)paying by cash/credit card/ 3rd party finance ➜ maybe choosing the optional extended warranty ➜ disappearing into the sunset (for the next 5 – 8 years or until the TV breaks down beyond repair or an un-passable offer in a future ad-circular takes hold over the senses)

Although this purchase experience works well for the most part; there are 3 notable challenges value-chain players face with this type of a sales model

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