Self Healing Network – What is it?

Quick look at self healing network

What is Self Healing Network?

Is a future network state where advanced AI & Machine Learning work in unison to not only proactively monitor network patterns & predict potential issues but also possess the ability to fix itself with optimally-suited solution in real-time… all with little –no human intervention… thereby reducing costs & maximizing network uptime


  • The amount of time & effort required to identify, manage & correct any issues within the ever expanding complex wireless networks is substantial
  • Not to mention the high costs of running dedicated team(s) of network IT & engineering staff to rectify issues detected
  • Additionally, any lost time associated with the identification & correction of the issue could also lead to a degraded customer experience & perhaps even lost revenue


  • Enter Self-healing Networks that are intelligent enough to minimize / eliminate humans from the equation of proactive identification & automated treatment of network issues
  • Myriad of value-chain players are hard at work at building the ‘Auto Network Doctor’ of the future that is to be powered by a combination of advanced monitoring software as well as AI & Machine Learning algorithms

In the Interim

  • In the interim, we should see Network Issue discovery & fixes go through various stages of automation & human intervention
  • During this stage, the network would predominantly be taught to detect potential issues based on past patterns & certain algorithms… during which, human intervention would still be required to varying degree
Self Healing Network
Stepping stones to Self Healing Network