Quick look at self healing network & 3 waypoints

Quick look at self healing network

What is Self Healing Network?

Self healing network is where advanced AI, machine learning algorithms & hybrid edge cloud platforms work in unison to proactively monitor network patterns & predict potential issues as well as fix itself with optimal solutions in real-time with little-no human intervention… thereby reducing costs & maximizing network uptime

Current network state

  • The amount of time & effort required to identify, manage & correct any issues within the ever expanding complex wireless networks is substantial
  • Not to mention the high costs of running dedicated team(s) of network IT & engineering staff to rectify issues detected
  • Additionally, any lost time associated with the identification & correction of the issue could also lead to a degraded customer experience & perhaps even lost revenue

Future network state

  • Enter Self healing networks that are intelligent enough to minimize / eliminate humans from the equation of proactive identification & automated treatment of network issues
  • Myriad of value-chain players are hard at work at building the ‘Auto Network Doctor’ of the future that is to be powered by a combination of advanced monitoring software as well as AI & machine learning algorithms (AI wireless network management)
  • As NGN/5G networks continue to proliferate; telco carriers may also be exploring to make their version of NGN/5G networks

The interim network state

  • In the interim, we should see network issue discovery & fixes go through various stages of automation and manual human intervention
  • During this stage, the network would predominantly be taught to detect potential issues based on past patterns and certain algorithms… during which, manual human intervention would still be required to varying degree
Stepping stones to self healing network - Connected Corners
Stepping stones to Self Healing Network