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Explore Insights, Possibilities and Strategies that help promote sustainable growth, optimization and consumer experience (CX) in the evolving post-digital era - Abishek.C
An optimized CX involves carefully balancing frictionless experience with the inclusion of supportive frictional experiences throughout the shopper’s retail journey
To prevent IoT abandonment; providers could focus on the 3 key stages in consumer engagement journey a.k.a consumer's 'Wiifm' requirements

Retiring the L-wallet… One m-Transaction at a time

The following post focuses on the In-Store m-Transaction component of the broader m-Pay & m-Commerce solutions within emerged markets (particularly U.S)… examples of which include Apple Pay, Google Pay, LoopPay, et al. The dreaded ‘F-word’… …Fragmentation is a familiar ‘problem’ whenever a new trend is initiated from within the technology sector – Contributed by an excess of Start-ups and Established players wishing to develop ’The Ultimate…
Smartphone makers are working hard to craft their next iteration of devices around unique AIaaS experience

How addressing the 1-2-3 stages of ‘Wiifm’ could enhance consumer engagement

That thought when you clean the drawer only to discover that long-abandoned wearable – “Why did I abandon this again? Oh yeah… it never addressed my Wiifm needs” This post explores how consumer IoT value chain players could address one of their crucial ongoing challenges – enhancing consumer engagement (translated: prevent high abandonment rates) Oh Wearables… what…

Seeking mutual benefits, Google & Walmart partner up

2 days ago Google & Walmart announced their partnership in what is widely seen as a counterweight to the eCommerce juggernaut – Amazon It’s all about Mutual Benefits Quick summary Google brings to table it’s platform – namely Google Home (voice assistant) & Google Express (delivery) <–> Walmart makes available it’s extensive catalogue on the platform (products) The…
Today’s connected home may be viewed as a starting point in the long journey to achieve a truly smart home
Connected Corners

All wireless carriers/operators will offer 5G… but only those offering better CX will stand out of the crowd

All things being equal, robust consumer experience (CX) initiatives could help Carriers differentiate in a democratized 5G era All Carriers will offer 5G… now what? As Wireless Carriers gradually roll out their versions of Next Gen Network (5G) towards full commercial deployment by 2020; they also need to prepare for the fact that their competitors would offer similar 5G…

Exploring revenue potentials of the Connected Vehicle segment

Continuing from Part 1, where we explored the monetization framework for Connected Vehicles, Part 2 dwells into the key segments & extended IoT monetization potentials Concept of CSAP The Connected Solution Aggregators & Partners (CSAP) provides the industry with an End-2-End solution…which includes hardware (sensors), connectivity (wireless), support (dealer network, 24X7 roadside maintenance, call center access) and predictive insights as a Simplified Solution…
The CSAP [Connected Solution Aggregators & Partners] group could provide a seamless unified connected vehicle solution for one simple contractual fee

Network Slicing – What is it?

What is Network Slicing? As the name implies; Network Slicing is a process by which Wireless Carriers can ‘slice-up’ a single (physical) 5G network into multiple virtual (End-2-End) networks that are individually optimized to service the requirements of various Connected IoT devices Key Benefit of Network Slicing? 5G is set to serve broad range of IoT use cases with varying degree of network requirements… from autonomous vehicles requiring continuous…

Why you’ll have to wait at least until 2020 for 5G

By now, you’ve probably heard of how NGN – Next Generation Network – (marketed as 5G) will soon become the backbone of connected everything in the near future Despite the endless ‘5G’ buzz from Wireless Carriers to network vendors and everyone in between; wide scale commercial 5G deployments aren’t expected until at least 2020 Fragmentation… the one key challenge to address…
Integrated solution providers who offer unified smart solution along with frictionless out-of-the-box consumer experience will emerge as front runners in the consumer IoT race