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Explore Insights, Possibilities and Strategies that help promote sustainable growth, optimization and consumer experience (CX) in the evolving post-digital era - Abishek.C
CPG/FMCG brands could leverage the modular nature of the reference holistic D2C solution framework to build D2C solution variations that uniquely address specific business challenges, opportunities &/or requirements as the need arises
D2C Service Model Example - Connected Corners
Exploring a D2C service model example for traditional CPG/FMCG business
Blockchain Benefits Carriers - Connected Corners
Telco Carriers are seeking to cut costs, achieve transactional efficiencies & better facilitate transparency & accountability within their multi-faceted operation… enter Blockchain!
D2C concept framework - Connected Corners
Concept of a holistic D2C solution framework that comprises of varying combination of initiatives across 3 key (D2C) modules
Addressing shopper/customer’s Wiifm needs (What’s-in-it-for-me) should be one of the primary inputs into designing any holistic Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) service
eSIM Benefits for Carriers - Connected Corners
The same eSIM platform that powers many of the commercial IoT/M2M solutions also presents myriad of benefits to traditional telecom & wireless carriers
Carriers transforming from traditional connectivity provider → trusted connected solutions partner & architect are best positioned to play a lead role in the Connected Life & Industry 4.0 transformation
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To measure a smartphone/brand’s performance look beyond the shipments metric

One question I’ve often been asked is – “How do you measure a smartphone (model / brand’s) performance or success?” There are many metrics by which a smartphone’s (model / brand) performance (or success) can be measured; the most common of them being the unit shipments Quick note: Different entities (Carriers, brand, retailers, etc.) & teams within (procurement, marketing, pricing, channel ops, etc.) the smartphone’s value chain will have different goals and…
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Typical omni-channel retail consumer (shopper & customer) touch points
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How smartphones are evolving in an AIaaS era

This post aims to highlight few ways the humble smartphone is evolving in an era where consumers are seemingly shifting their focus away from iterative hardware improvements and towards enhanced services the device enables (AIaaS, VR/AR, etc.) AIaaS takes center stage Rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and myriad of underlying AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence-as-a–Service) solutions are promising unique user experiences as well as limitless opportunities to its value chain players Use cases range…
Supportive retail friction factors - Connected Corners
For any retailer, the decision to integrate supportive friction (& how much of it) could broadly be based on a combination of 4 key factors