Scenario Retail Journey CX - Connected Corners

Quick look at omni-channel retail journey & CX scenario

Visualizing typical modern day shopper & customer's retail journey as well as potential points of CX interactions across retailer's omni-channel footprint

Omni-channel retail journey & CX scenario

In this scenario, the consumer chooses to start their retail journey with an online product research ➜ in-store / in-person product evaluation (experiential retailing)online ordering (for online-only special SKU/pricing) payment & fulfillment ➜ online refill/subscription ordering (repeat purchases)phones customer support for returns/exchange policy & process information ➜ returns/exchanges the product in-store

As the consumer engages with the brand across multiple touch points that traverses an omni-channel retail footprint, the key challenge for retailers is to deliver a seamless shopping experience from beginning end

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