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Why eCommerce CX matters and spotlight on 9 key influencing factors

This first segment briefly explores some of the key factors that influence eCommerce CX

This topic aims to cast a spotlight on some of the key factors that could influence eCommerce CX for traditional omni-channel retailers & D2C service providers alike

Quick note: Despite some similarities inherent to the industry, each retailer brand is relatively unique (geographic presence, product mix, service offerings, strategic goals, industry partnerships, et al.) and as such their eCommerce, broader omni-channel strategies & CX programs will be reflective of their individual goals & capabilities

Although this topic focuses on eCommerce CX; today’s omni-channel retailers may find extended benefits in developing one as part of a broader holistic CX program

eCommerce CX matters

eCommerce channel front & center: There is no doubt that online shopping adoption has been growing at a rapid pace; with the ongoing pandemic further accelerating consumers’ demand for myriad of D2C services

Additionally; multitude of surveys & studies point towards a similar emerging theme – new shoppers & existing customers alike are increasingly placing higher emphasis on retailers’ eCommerce capabilities (product range, pricing competitiveness, service offerings… and importantlyexperience) in making their online purchase decisions

This is particularly true for consumer segments who for the most part have been growing up in a digital-first environment and who are more than aware of the multitude of options they have when it comes to shopping for pretty much anything

For many traditional brick-n-mortar retailers; particularly those playing catch-up in building their eCommerce capabilities, one key challenge (read: opportunity) is to an exceptional eCommerce CX from ground up

An even bigger challenge for integrated omni-channel retailers would be to seamlessly integrate their eCommerce CX initiatives within a broader holistic CX program that also contributes towards a unified brand experience for new shoppers & existing customer alike

Key factors that could influence eCommerce CX?

As a starting point retailers would need to identify a range of factors (both common & unique to eChannel) that have the potential to influence their eCommerce CX

Factors Influencing eCommerce CX - Connected Corners

These eCommerce CX influencing factors may be derived from key consumer interaction points across their eShopping journey and furthermore; retailers may choose to categorize them under key business functions to better facilitate the development of correlating initiatives


Set of eCommerce CX influencing factors associated with ensuring consumers have access to the right product/SKU (in-trend, high-demand, et al.) at the right/all times coupled with unique Value Added Services – VAS (such as demo & trials)

Addressing online product management related CX influencing factors could help retailers reduce the risk of cart abandonment as well as increase first & repeat purchase frequency


Set of eCommerce CX influencing factors associated with the retailer’s ePricing constructs & policies covering competitive pricing, personalized pricing, member discounts, bundling incentives, price match guarantees et al.

Addressing pricing related CX influencing factors could aid in shopper acquisition, repeat purchases, x-sell/up-sell/bundling as well as higher engagement with price conscious & savvy shopper consumer segments

User Experience – UX

Set of eCommerce CX influencing factors typically associated with e-Storefront design, layout and navigation including seamless user interface (UI) adapted to all screen sizes, shopping continuity (think: pick up from where I left off scenarios), smart/predictive product recommendations, seamless refills & repurchase process (think: subscription service , reminder service, et al.) and more

Logistics & Fulfillment

Set of eCommerce CX factors that are typically associated with the retailer’s fulfillment experience including order placement, payment, delivery and of increasing importancereturns, replacements & exchanges (policies & processes)

Support & Service

Set of eCommerce CX influencing factors that are typically associated with the retailer’s sales support & customer service; including clear product/service information, user reviews, simple to understand policies & guidelines, order assistance, general inquiries, loyalty self service portals, membership services and more

Providing high quality sales support & customer service are typically highly valued by consumers across almost all segments and addressing CX factors associated with it would benefit retailers in more ways than one (increased customer loyalty, higher promoter scores, better bottom lines, et al.)

The next step would involve conducting an in-depth benefits assessment (read: research & insights driven) against a range of variables such as key consumer trends (current/predicted), associated costs, technology investments, near/mid/long term goals (ROI, customer promoter scores, et al.), vendor capabilities and more [discussed in forthcoming topics]

Retailers can then move on to addressing these ‘shortlisted’ permutation of influencing factors by developing & implementing a range of coherent initiatives (front-end + back-end) that together lend an exceptional CX across shopper & customer’s eShopping journey


In today’s hyper-competitive environment, retailers who build a differentiated value proposition with focus on providing exceptional CX at every stage of the consumer’s online shopping journey are more likely to attract, retain and engage with shoppers & customers in the long run

Regardless of whether the retailer intends to wholly replace, augment or transform their current physical channel footprint; they would certainly benefit from developing coherent set of initiatives that lend an exceptional eCommerce CX

Retailers would also need to ensure that their digital CX program keeps up with the continuously evolving consumer behavior and best reflective of their capabilities & goals

And whilst offering an exceptional eCommerce CX will no doubt be beneficial; building a holistic CX program (think: brand experience) equally matters for today’s omni-channel retailers as each of their channel’s CX will be closely interdependent

Forthcoming segments will aim to further explore some of these eCommerce CX influencing factors as well as the role insights, connectivity and logistics/supply chain play in building an exceptional CX program

Stay tuned!