Hybrid JIT/JIC inventory model scenario: manufacturer example - Connected Corners

What a hybrid JIT/JIC inventory strategy could look like: manufacturer scenario

High level view of what a potential hybrid JIT/JIC inventory strategy model could look like: manufacturer scenario
Hybrid JIT/JIC inventory strategy example: manufacturer scenario - Connected Corners

Addressing key risks with a hybrid JIT/JIC inventory strategy: manufacturer scenario

The manufacturer may consider developing a hybrid JIT/JIC inventory strategy when the sum of all risks (think: brand name, competitive positioning, customer satisfaction / retention, et al.) associated with not meeting market demand (existing, pent-up, forecasted)significantly outweighs the costs associated with holding the cushion inventory for raw materials / parts

This hybrid JIT/JIC inventory model could then be continually improved to aptly mitigate any unforeseen (JIT) inventory risks arising due to instability within their supplier and/or distribution networks as well as to optimally fulfill any sudden demand spikes across their product portfolio

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