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Explore topics focusing on various aspects of consumer experience (shopper, customer, member) including human-2-tech interfaces, loyalty & reward programs, consumer behavior, segmentation & demographics, security, privacy and experiential service models

As consumers engage with brands across multiple touch points that traverses an omni-channel footprint; the challenge for retailers is to deliver a seamless (shopping) experience from beginning ➜ end
Unifying Cross Channel CX Initiatives - Connected Corners
Unifying cross channel CX initiatives for omni-channel retailers
Notable challenges in maintaining an omni-channel footprint are efficiently managing multiple & complex (cross channel) shopper/customer engagements as well as preventing potential CX fragmentation
Key mid-long term benefits Prepaid category presents to wireless carriers
D2C Service Model Example - Connected Corners
Exploring a D2C service model example for traditional CPG/FMCG business
D2C concept framework - Connected Corners
Concept of a holistic D2C solution framework that comprises of varying combination of initiatives across 3 key (D2C) modules
Addressing shopper/customer’s Wiifm needs (What’s-in-it-for-me) should be one of the primary inputs into designing any holistic Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) service
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To measure a smartphone/brand’s performance look beyond the shipments metric

One question I’ve often been asked is – “How do you measure a smartphone (model / brand’s) performance or success?” There are many metrics by which a smartphone’s (model / brand) performance (or success) can be measured; the most common of them being the unit shipments Quick note: Different entities (Carriers, brand, retailers, etc.) & teams within (procurement, marketing, pricing, channel ops, etc.) the smartphone’s value chain will have different goals and…
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Typical omni-channel retail consumer (shopper & customer) touch points