Addressing shopper/customer’s Wiifm needs (What’s-in-it-for-me) should be one of the primary inputs into designing any holistic Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) service

To measure a smartphone/brand’s performance look beyond the shipments metric

One question I’ve often been asked is – “How do you measure a smartphone (model / brand’s) performance or success?” There are many metrics by which a smartphone’s (model / brand) performance (or success) can be measured; the most common of them being the unit shipments Quick note: Different entities (Carriers, brand, retailers, etc.) & teams within (procurement, …

All wireless carriers/operators will offer 5G… but only those offering better CX will stand out of the crowd

All things being equal, robust consumer experience (CX) initiatives could help Carriers differentiate in a democratized 5G era All Carriers will offer 5G… now what? As Wireless Carriers gradually roll out their versions of Next Gen Network (5G) towards full commercial deployment by 2020; they also need …

Exploring revenue potentials of the Connected Vehicle segment

Continuing from Part 1, where we explored the monetization framework for Connected Vehicles, Part 2 dwells into the key segments & extended IoT monetization potentials Concept of CSAP The Connected Solution Aggregators & Partners (CSAP) provides the industry with an End-2-End solution…which includes hardware (sensors), connectivity (wireless), support (dealer network, …

The CSAP [Connected Solution Aggregators & Partners] group could provide a seamless unified connected vehicle solution for one simple contractual fee