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Converging Tech

Explore topics that are centered around converging tech such as AI, ML, IoT, robotics, etc. including industry trends & implementation scenarios, impact analyses, commercial models and use cases across various B2B/B2C industries

Integrated solution providers who offer unified smart solution along with frictionless out-of-the-box consumer experience will emerge as front runners in the consumer IoT race

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Consumer IoT solution manufacturers, retailers & healthcare providers have virtually limitless opportunities to enhance the quality of lifestyle for our elderly & disabled

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How smart bulbs help the assisted living

IoT devices & solutions that are ‘nice-to-have’ for some… could actually be ‘need-to-have’ for others! Consumer IoT – A tale of ‘nice-to-have’ vs. ‘need-to-have’ Consumer IoT products are akin to most other cyclic / discretionary product sets where the user’s…

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