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9 factors influencing eCommerce CX

Spotlight on 9 key factors that have the potential to influence eCommerce consumer experience (CX)
eCommerce consumer experience (CX): 9 key influencing factors - Connected Corners

As a starting point; retailers would need to identify a range of factors (common & unique to online channel) that have the potential to influence eCommerce CX

These influencing factors may be derived from key consumer interaction points across their eShopping journey and furthermore; retailers may choose to categorize them under key business functions to better facilitate the development of correlating initiatives

What are the key factors that influence eCommerce CX?

  • Brand & category range
  • Product/SKU availability, demos & trials
  • Pricing, discounts & incentives
  • Pre-purchase product discover, information, reviews, etc.
  • e-Storefront design, layout & navigation
  • Re/purchase, payment & refills
  • Delivery & pickup
  • Returns & exchanges
  • Customer support, service & loyalty

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