Connected vehicle revenue potentials: Spotlight CSAP concept & extended IoT monetization (Part 2)

Continuing from an earlier topic; this topic casts a spotlight on the connected vehicle revenue potentials as well as key extended IoT monetization potentials

Connected vehicle revenue

When vehicles become connected, it transforms into an entire ecosystem of connected vehicular & user services that not only offer a variety of new user experiences to consumers but also reveals a treasure trove of revenue opportunities for each value chain player across the connected vehicle ecosystem

Connected Corners

Concept of Connected Solution Aggregators & Partners (CSAP)

The Connected Solution Aggregators & Partners (CSAP) provides the industry with an End-2-End solution…which includes hardware (sensors), connectivity (wireless), support (dealer network, 24X7 roadside maintenance, call center access) and predictive insights as a Simplified Solution with One Fee

Connected Vehicle Value Players & Roles

B2C Segment

Key Marketable Benefits: Enhanced Visibility of ‘real time’ vital vehicular Insights, Enriched Personalized Media Streaming, Live Video Streaming, Dynamic Navigation & POI, Enhanced Smart Safety & Security

Future Vision: Near future versions of connected vehicles envisions Semi-Autonomous driving, Self-Re-routing based on live traffic conditions, Self-Parking (finding a spot and retrieval), Maintenance ‘self-check-in’ and of course the Holy Grail of it all… Fully Autonomous Driving

Consumer Willingness: Pending the maturity stage of these enhanced services; the consumer may be willing to pay a fee to access them. In fact, according to McKinsey Connected Car Consumer Survey in 2014, car connectivity features are a critical purchasing factor for more than half of new-car buyers, 28% of new car buyers prioritize car connectivity features over other features such as engine power or fuel efficiency, and 13% would NOT even buy a car that is not connected to the Internet today

B2B/G Segment

Whilst consumers are on the forefront of receiving benefits from Connected Vehicle, Business & Govt. entities would benefit in many ways than one

Key Marketable Benefits: Repurposed Vehicular Data, Time and Location Data & User Behavior Insights to Businesses & Govt. entities that have direct vested interest in other aspects of the consumer’s life

Solution Packaging: There are numerous methods by which Vehicle OEMs / CSAP could package the above Data & Insights. One common method is for Vehicle OEMs to package an ‘Enhanced Connected Safety, Experience & Maintenance’ option in a fixed/continuous term contract with Fleet companies

Similarities to Internet of Everything (IoT): As with any other IoT solution, the true source of revenue lies within re-purposing the Data & Insights produced by the hardware rather than the hardware margin itself. Drawing analogy to Connected Thermostat; it is the customers’ heating and cooling usage behavior data repurposed to utility companies that would be more profitable than the thermostat itself

B2B Fleet Management Connected Vehicle

In the above scenario the Wireless Carrier, Truck Manufacturer, National Dealer Networks and Analytics House partner (CSAP) to provide Connected Fleet Solution that empowers Transportation Industry vertical with Real Time Diagnostics, Preemptive Fault Correction and Active Maintenance as a Monetized Service

This CSAP group provides the industry with an End to End solution that includes onboard sensors, wireless connectivity, national dealer network access, 24X7 roadside maintenance, call center access as well as predictive analytics as Unified Connected Solution for One Contractual Fee

This same CSAP group could also choose to license their solution to other entities globally thereby defining a Standard by means of Smart Fleet Maintenance as a Service

Extended IoT Revenue Potential

From a technical perspective, IoT is a collection of connected objects that have built-in sensor(s), data storage, communication, and relational capabilities

This broad definition includes everything from a simple fitness band through to complex smart electricity meters that communicate real-time usage at household level over Wireless Networks

Now imagine a range of ‘Connected Solutions’ extending beyond the ‘Dashboard & Wheels’ bringing an Untapped source of Revenue Opportunities for Vehicle OEMs, Wireless Carriers or Analytics Houses involved

  • Connected Vehicles automatically regulates home temperature via Smart Thermostat depending on proximity to domicile
  • User’s Smartwatch unlocks the vehicle and sets their personalized preferences upon entry
  • Connected Home Locks & Garage Doors that can be controlled remotely from the Connected Vehicle
  • Connected Home Security Camera(s) provide live feed & alerts to a remotely connected vehicle

IoT fabric will inevitably connect billions of objects with each other centered around the end consumer’s lifestyle

Each will bring with them their own Ecosystem of Solutions & Revenue streams that when integrated with the Connected Vehicle ecosystem can unlock further Revenue potentials for the stakeholders

For Example

Interoperability with the extended IoT (Connected Personal & Home) could look like –

IoT Revenue Extension Connected Vehicle
Extended IoT monetization opportunities

Each of these case scenarios could have a unique revenue model attached to it, thereby imparting benefits to all of it’s value chain providers involved


We are barely scratching the surface of the Connected Vehicle segment

This category continues to evolve with new innovations, pilot programs, technological breakthroughs and new partnerships at breakneck pace

With all these benefits, Connected Vehicle category no doubt also brings innumerable opportunities for monetization to parties involved

Newer monetization models are yet to be discovered as technology evolves, wireless networks become faster, sensors become more integrated, cloud infrastructure becomes more scalable and Govt. policies increasingly become ‘more friendlier’ to autonomous vehicles

Now for the wait until we can truly sit back & relax whilst the vehicle drives itself