Blockchain Benefits Carriers - Connected Corners
Telco Carriers are seeking to cut costs, achieve transactional efficiencies & better facilitate transparency & accountability within their multi-faceted operation… enter Blockchain!
Blockchain Benefits Carriers - Connected Corners

Blockchain: From Connectivity Pipe → Smart Contracts!

In addition to exploring diversified VAS opportunities, telco Carriers are also seeking to cut costs, achieve transactional efficiencies and better facilitate transparency &  accountability within their (complex) multi-faceted operation… enter Blockchain!

Blockchain will enable telecom carriers/operators to realize these goals (& more), in part due to the platform’s inherent traits – namely – shared ledger, near-real-time immutable updates, cryptographic security and auditable smart contracts

For example, a blockchain platform could aid Carriers in seeking out valuable cost savings; particularly from within their multi-party transactional operations (e.g. supply chain operations, commercial services, etc.)

Additionally, Carriers may also find value in integrating blockchain (alongside eSIM & NGN/5G initiatives) as a foundation for building a myriad of unique VAS propositions

Timeline: Blockchain platform is still relatively nascent… BUT… as it matures; Carriers have an opportunity to closely study the technology for financial benefits (costs, revenue, ROI, etc.), VAS models, challenges & opportunities specific to their needs, transformation strategy & long-term goals

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