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About Connected Corners

Connected Corners explores Insights, Possibilities and Strategies that promote sustainable growth, revenue, optimization & consumer experience (CX) goals in the evolving post-digital era

The project aims to serve as a platform that –

  • monitors & identifies key emerging and forward looking trends
  • derives relevant insights
  • researches global cross-industry better practices studies
  • analyzes business goals, impacts and potentials
  • conceives unique value propositions and business strategies

Connected Corners was designed to complement the author’s passion for translating ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas and cross-industry global ‘better practice’ initiatives into value propositions that promote customer (acquisition, experience, engagement), operational optimization, digital transformation and revenue sustainability goals for traditional businesses and newer vertically integrated startups

Extensive studies across a wide array of interconnected topics also emphasizes on analyzing & deriving distinct impacts and opportunities across –

  • inter-related industry verticals & businesses
  • B2B/C products, services and proposition constructs
  • customer acquisition, retention, loyalty & engagement functions
  • operational optimization and
  • value innovation…

…within the All Connected & Smart Digital paradigm

Current industries studied range from r/etail & QSR through to healthcare, insurance/fin-tech, next-gen mobility & logistics and CPG/FMCG… with studies into additional verticals (utilities, etc.) to follow

Connected Corners continuously assesses potential topics based on a combination of key attributes, including –

  • Macro global trends
  • Emerging trends (industry, technology, consumer, competitor, policy, regulatory)
  • Major industry and business transformation movements
  • Digital innovation journey
  • Shifts in consumer dynamics (segmentation, demographic, behavior patterns)
  • Competitor landscape (traditional, emerging)

Connected CornersThe Corners section showcases a collection of articles that represent excerpts of extensive studies conducted across a wide array of interconnected topics

Articles range from discussing emerging tech specifications through to assessing myriad of IIoT implementation scenarios, retail shopper experience studies, ideating B2C value proposition models and everything in between

Articles are categorized under 4 key cornersConnectivity, Converging Tech, CX and Industry


Explore topics focusing on all things connectivity; including select ICT & Carrier strategies, B2B/C propositions, network & devices technologies, emerging industry trends and value innovation

Converging Tech

Explore topics covering myriad of converging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, robotics, etc. including industry trends, impact analyses, commercial models and use case scenarios across various B2B/B2C industries


Explore topics focusing on aspects of consumer experience (shopper, customer, member) including human-2-tech interfaces, loyalty & reward programs, consumer behavior, segmentation & demographics, security, privacy and experiential service models


Explore topics covering key trends, analyses, business impacts and value added initiatives aimed at promoting growth, increasing ROI and enhancing CX, loyalty & engagement across select traditional & newer vertically integrated industry verticals

Access The Corners section from the side menu to explore topics such as…