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Explore Insights, Possibilities and Strategies that help promote sustainable growth, optimization and consumer experience (CX) solutions in the evolving post-digital era

— Abishek.C

Connected Corners


Connected Corners was conceived as a project to complement the author’s passion for researching cross-industry insights & foresights, developing related strategies and formulating value propositions that focus on growth, optimization & CX opportunities across a wide variety of industries


Explore a series of inter-connected topics & articles that represent excerpts from myriad of extensive studies conducted across variety of key industries such as R/etail & QSR, Telco & ICT, insuretech & fin-tech, mobility, healthcare and CPG/FMCG

Studies incorporate a blend of –

  • Macro & industry trends (product, technology, consumer, competitor, regulatory)
  • Key industry & business movements (M&A, et al.)
  • Digital platforms, solutions & connectivity evolution (5G/NGN, AI, IoT, ML, et al.)
  • Consumer, customer & shopper dynamics (segmentation, demographic, behavior patterns)


Connected Corners

Consumer Experience (CX)

Explore topics focusing on various aspects of consumer experience (shopper, customer, member) including human-2-tech interfaces, loyalty & reward programs, consumer behavior, segmentation & demographics, security, privacy and experiential service models

Connected Corners


Explore topics focusing on all things connectivity; including select ICT & Carrier strategies, B2B/C propositions, network & devices technologies, emerging industry trends and value innovation

Connected Corners

Converging Tech

Explore topics covering myriad of converging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, robotics, etc. including industry trends, impact analyses, commercial models and use case scenarios across various B2B/B2C industries


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