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About Connected Corners

Connected Corners

The project aims to serve as a platform that –

  • monitors & identifies key emerging and forward looking trends
  • derives relevant insights
  • researches global cross-industry better practice studies
  • analyzes business goals, impacts and potentials
  • conceives unique value propositions & business strategies

Connected Corners was originally conceived to complement the author’s passion for strategizing & developing better practices initiatives that promote sustainable growth, optimization and CX/loyalty goals for traditional businesses as well as vertically integrated startups in the post-digital era

Through extensive studies across a wide array of interconnected topics; the project also focuses on analyzing the broader impacts and opportunities across –

  • Inter-related industry verticals & businesses
  • B2B/C products, services and propositions
  • Customer acquisition, retention, loyalty & engagement functions
  • Operational & process optimization
  • Value innovation…

…in the post-digital All Connected & Smart Digital paradigm