Discover topics covering myriad of converging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, robotics, etc. including industry trends, impact analyses, commercial models and use case scenarios across various B2B/B2C industries


What is the Converging Tech theme about?

Developments in cognitive artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud & edge computing, robotics are amongst some of the core converging technologies that are rapidly shaping the post-digital industry 4.0 age

Together with advanced connectivity protocols and evolving hardware & suite of sensor technologies; form the transformative elements of an all connected & smart digital paradigm

Connected Corners focuses on covering various aspects of Consumer Experience (CX); particularly at the intersection of diverse business types, functions, services & even industry verticals

Connected Corners casts a spotlight on these Converging Technologies as well as their impacts & roles in developing a range of correlating solutions at the intersection of existing and emerging services(e.g. connected vehicles)

Furthermore, Connected Corners also takes a broader view on the impacts of these converging technologies on consumer experience (CX) as well as other attributes such as data management, evolving commercial models, privacy and more


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Connected Corners

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