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What is the Connectivity theme about?

Connectivity is one of the primary drivers of a myriad of digital & connected business transformation efforts that spans virtually every industry vertical today

From smart watches to smart cities; a smorgasbord of connectivity protocols are not only powering next generation of connected solutions, but also helping unlock correlating (connected) commercial solutions such as real-time cloud solutions, advanced communication platforms and more

Telco carriers & operators themselves are undergoing transformation on many fronts; transforming from being (traditional) connectivity provider (trusted) connected solution partners or architects who are best positioned to play a lead role in the connected life & Industry 4.0 era

Many telco carriers & operators also bring to the table substantial industry expertise, existing network infrastructure & assets, extensive consumer reach, robust distribution network as well as the ‘trusted entity’ image… placing them in a prime position to conceptualize, develop & support of a wide array of next-generation connected solutions

Connected Corners focuses on a broad spectrum of topics pertaining to the connectivity theme; from next generation network technologies (e.g. NGN/5G), terminal device evolution (smartphones, et al.), consumer & industrial connected solutions, wireless propositions (Prepaid, Postpaid, BYOD, et al.), select telco carrier/operator strategies and more


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