How eSIM benefits telco carriers/operators - Connected Corners

Quick look at 6 key eSIM benefits for wireless telecom carriers

The same eSIM platform that powers many of the commercial IoT/M2M solutions also presents myriad of benefits to traditional wireless telco carriers
eSIM benefits to telco carriers & operators - Connected Corners

eSIM (embedded SIM) platform has already been benefiting the commercial M2M/IoT segment; enabling enhanced device provisioning, management & billing services… BUT

recently has trickled into select number of consumer devices as well (e.g. tablets, smartwatches, etc.)

Many wireless telecom carriers & operators were initially worried that if OEMs (en-masse) began shipping their smartphones with eSIM; it would lead to higher frequency of subscriber churn (impacting revenues)

But the myriad of eSIM benefits presented are also gradually being translated by wireless telecom carriers into opportunities that could more than offset their challenges

Some of the ways eSIM benefits wireless telecom carriers

  • Seamless multi-device/user provisioning and billing experience
  • Ecosystem agnostic x-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Secure WAN-reliant massive IoT & M2M provisioning and solutions
  • Seamless global roaming experience
  • Unique digital user engagement experiences
  • Personalized pricing & real-time subscriber acquisition opportunity

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