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Benefits of building a Holistic Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) program

Connected Corners

Traditional (food & beverage) CPG/FMCG manufacturers are increasingly facing myriad of market pressures; notably from newer D2C-first (vertically integrated) startups as well as their traditional distribution partners – r/e-tailers & supermarkets (margin pressures, private-label e/shelf placement, etc.)

On the other hand, demand for select D2C services (think: direct-2-door meal-kits, subscription sample box, et al.) have been on the rise across dense urban consumer segments & markets; presenting many CPG/FMCG manufacturers with a timely opportunity to capitalize on these emerging trends

For many manufacturers, building a holistic D2C program presents 3 key benefits

Connected Corners

Stay tuned for the full article that explores holistic D2C framework, potential FMCG/CPG D2C models as well as the key pillars – namely data science, customer experience (CX), smart supply chain & last mile logistics – in building a holistic D2C program