eSIM benefits to telco carriers/operators

eSIM: Capitalizing on SIM strengths & IoT/M2M growth

Connected Corners
eSIM will enable Carriers to capitalize on the platform’s inherent strengths to innovate & support unique VAS / user experiences in the all-connected-digital era

eSIM (embedded SIM) platform has already been benefiting the commercial M2M/IoT segment; enabling enhanced device provisioning, management & billing services… BUTrecently has trickled into select number of consumer devices as well (e.g. Tablets, Smartwatches, etc.)

Many Carriers are worried that if OEMs (en-masse) began shipping smartphones with eSIM, it would lead to higher subscriber churn (impacting revenues)BUT… are gradually discovering the disruptive platform’s many benefits & opportunities that more than offsets its challenges (more on this topic in a separate post)

For example; Carriers could leverage eSIM platform to provide unique experiences (multi-device/user remote provisioning, near real-time personalized offers, seamless global roaming, et al.) for users adopting multiple connected (smartphone+tablet+IoT) devices

Timeline: eSIM embedded smartphones aren’t expected to completely replace current (physical) SIM versions in the immediate future (at least another decade+ in some regions)… presenting Carriers with an opportunity to conceptualize unique (eSIM) VAS / user experiences as well as develop related back-end support systems

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